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On a peaceful night, at 3am, you (Don, the Police Officer) receives a call for help, you have no option but to attend it... Lucky is not on your side, you end up in a basement full of zombies having to search for the lady who called you, how deep in the basement you will have to go in order to find her? Probably more than you are able to!



Arrows: Move the Police Officer

E: Aim

While Aiming:

E: Shoot

Q: Quit Aiming


Hey! This is my entry for the Heartjam by Heartbeast!

Music and Sound Effects are mainly from freesound.org

Had a lot of help from Heartbeast himself with tutorials, also I'm using a tileset based on his tileset for the random generated levels tutorials.

About the Game:

Zombies on the Basement is a Roguelike where you are a cop, and on a peaceful night, at 3am, you receive a phone call asking for help, you end up in a basement full of zombies trying to find the lady who called you.

The theme was 'Scarcity' and that is reflected on your ammo, you start with 3 and you will hardly find one on your journey through the Basement, so keep in mind how much you have and how you spend it.

With that being said, Have fun! ALL kind of feedback is welcome!


ZombiesOnTheBasement.zip 17 MB

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