This is my entry for the Become Better at Something Jam!

The focus was Animation and Music/Sound and the Theme was 8 bit.

This was actually my very first game piece that I've done 100% on it - Programming, Art and Sound. I could get a little more practice with pixel art drawing and animation and also with Bosca Ceoil and some SFX. I used the NES palette to fit the 8 bit theme (nooot sure if this is an accurate interpretation)

More details about it on a future Postmortem Devlog which I'm going to write soon.

PS: FOR SOME REASON AUDIO IS NOT PLAYING ON SAFARI :( - If you can, please use Chrome.

How to play?

A and D to move.

Space to Jump.

Made withUnity

Development log


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Great submission! I love the idle animation and overall look!