This has to be one of my favorite game jam ideas I had, but also very bad executed :( - It turned out to be some kind of prototype, I hope people can enjoy it!

Maunder Rascallike is a weird mix of an Idle Game and a Roguelike, an idea that has been in my mind for some time and that I saw a good opportunity to try during this gamejam! None of the art assets were created during this gamejam! It is from some art packs that I bought a while ago! I'll edit this page soon with the proper credits.

Art Assets are from REXARD (link to their asset store page) - I got a bunch of their assets on Humble Bundle a while ago.

Made withUnity
TagsIdle, Roguelite


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Nice graphic !

I just updated the game description with the credits for the art assets!


Cute idea!