Another GameJam entry, this time for JimJam #2 by Game Dev Underground.

Again I was defeated by my thoughts of: "Hey, I will try to do something really cool!" and end up coming up with something that is way too much for a 48 hour jam. I've never programmed a combat before, I still suck at platformer level design and I've never programmed a boss battle before. So all of this was developed in a big hurry and with spaghetti code.

That being said, I hope you enjoy what I was able to put out for this jam and leave any feedback! 

I'm considering on taking ths project eventually and turn into something that is playable for 1 hour, maybe add procedural map generation on each gameplay, dunno, I think thas idea has potential, leave your thoughts on the comment section below.


The attack's swoosh is from Buch's "A Platformer in the Forest" asset on OpenGameArt

The Hearts in the UI are from ArMM1998's "Zelda like tileset and sprites" asset on OpenGameArt

Music: Snowfinal

Music: Looped Pizzicato

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