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This is my entry for the Ludum Dare 48! Link for the Ludum Dare entry.

Theme: Deeper and Deeper

You live in a small village faded to be hunted by terrible monsters, and it's your job to go out there in their dungeon and teach them a lesson, the only problem is that the dungeon seems to be endless...

How to Play

As always, game jam deadlines get tight and I didn't have enough time to make a tutorial or something, so here's some basic instructions.

  • All interactions on the game is done by moving! You can use WASD or the arrow keys, see an npc and want to interact? move into it! See an enemy and want to attack it? move into it! See an item you want to get? move into it!
  • There are some UI screens in the city, if it's not clear how to get rid of them, simply walk away
  • One NPC in the city is responsible for items and stat upgrades, and the other will take you to the dungeon.
  • Once in the dungeon, you are free to explore, look carefully for dropped items around... Just go upstairs if you want to leave it.

All art assets are from kenney.nl !

All in all, that's about it! I plan on writing some thoughts on the form of a postmortem soon.

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