First Devlog

This is rather just another simple tetris implementation.

I was asked "If you were to implement a tetris game in 5 minutes, how would you do it?" - So after barely answering it I decided to try really implementing one and seeing if my answers at least made sense.

  1. The Board: I said that the board would be made with a matrix, which is ok, this version is done with a Transform Matrix;
  2. Pieces: My first thought was to have the piece in memory, and maybe hold all four rotations on memory or use matrix operations to rotate them - I was thinking the pieces as a Matrix on memory - It doesn't make sense, it is possible to just build the forms on Unity and rotate their transforms, which is way simpler;
  3. Player Input: This is pretty straightforward, process input of moving left, right, down or rotating, either before or after processing the "Piece Drop" and Land Shape thing;
  4. How would it be Multiplayer: ... I still don't have a clue on how to make a Multiplayer game.


  • Move Pieces with Left and Right Arrows
  • Rotate Pieces with 'R' or Up Arrow

The game was based on the Udemy Course "Make a Tetris-style puzzler in Unity" by Walmer Lin with some subtle changes.

What is changed?

  • Some gameplay elements such as button pressing delay (and whether they exist or not);
  • Order of processing input (Player Input, Piece Drop, Checking for Game Over, these sort of things);
  • Also I removed the "Hold" functionality - which was a funcionality where you could basically save a piece for later or get rid of a piece that you didn't want that moment;
  • The course uses a queue of 3 pieces, I decided to use just 1 piece (so it's not that easy!).

What  might change?

  1. I want to add a Main Menu screen;
  2. Expect a Mobile version in the future;
  3. I want to mess up with particle systems more and making my own customized versions;
  4. I want to change music and sound effects;
  5. I want to change the theme of the game, currently it is some kind of a space-themed Tetris, I want to make it more of a "Chill" Tetris;

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Jul 16, 2018

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